Historical Smithfield includes remarkable residential structures still standing from centuries past. This multi-colored home constructed with a prominently placed scalloped cedar shingled turret, was originally built in the 1800’s with a terne tin metal roof.  A Buckingham slate roof was then installed over the metal roof in 1900’s with a surrounding internal gutter, also known as a “hidden” gutter.  The home had been leaking for some time and after several attempts by other contractors, The Roofing Company was hired to take on the challenge and find the leak location.  

Success!!  The repair area in question lay around the internal gutter behind the cedar wood siding under the Buckingham slate roof on the backside of the home.  The images and notes below outline the cause of leak and the area to be repaired.

Materials Used:

  • DuPontTM TyvekⓇ house wrap for repair area.
  • The slate used for this repair will be a recycled Buckingham, Blue/Black slate.  All slate repairs are performed according to the early 1900’s slate industry standards.
  • Installed new cedar scalloped cedar shingles.
  • Created custom new stainless steel soldered window pan, stainless steel flashing around window, stainless steel dripege at eave and stainless steel transition flashing.

Customer Feedback:    

You were wonderful to work with and we appreciated your prompt and thorough work while here.  And it was good to know that we should expect time before the work could begin.  We think the work toward stopping the leak was successful, but will not know until there is a hard rain with wind from the north.  That has not happened yet.  We will let you know if it was successful.  The slate roof inspection, repair, and update is greatly appreciated.

We thank you for your attention and work and will let you know if the leak is repaired.

Florine M.
Smithfield, VA

Estimator: Brian Chalsma
Foreman: Mike Lockwood

Historical Smithfield

Entering Historic Smithfield is like stepping back in time with it’s stately federal homes, Georgian architecture, classic colonial structures and Victorian mansions where homes have been preserved since the American Revolution, Civil War, Reconstruction era, and Industrial Revolution. First settled in 1752 by British merchants and ship captains, this small southern town today still embraces the elegance and charm of the 18th century that it was created to be with impressive turrets, towers, stained glass windows, and steamboat style Gothic trimmings..  Learn more about Historical Smithfield, VA