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There are several neighborhoods in the Hampton Roads area with beautiful historical Buckingham slate roofs. Colonial Place Riverview, Ghent, and Larchmont in Norfolk, Virginia are a few of them. A Buckingham slate roof can last over 200 years and is considered one of the least expensive roofing systems because of it.

Slate Roofing Repair Professionals

Maintaining your slate roof is the key to allowing it to provide protection as long as it can, so some slate roof repairs are necessary to extend the life cycle of the slate roof, especially if damaged during a heavy storm or hurricane. A slate roof repair should be fixed by a trained professional slater. Don’t hesitate to ask for pictures of previous slate roof repair jobs completed in the Norfolk, Portsmouth and Newport News neighborhoods, credentials from slate roofing associations, references and always ask for certification and insurance.

Slate Roof Shingles Endure with Repairs and Maintenance

We have encountered several 100-year-old Buckingham slate roofs in Norfolk that have been poorly maintained. Take, for example, repair work on a slate roof that was previously carried out by an inexperienced local roofer. These substandard repairs resulted in further damage, leading the homeowner to incur the cost of the same repair twice. As the repairs progressed, upon removing the slate in the repair section, additional damage was uncovered in that same area, exposing a piece of wood rot stemming from 20 years of neglect. Unforgiving rain, wind, and severe storms can wreak havoc in the absence of a secure and adequately maintained slate roof. Subsequently, new roof decking was put in place, and the Buckingham slate roof was appropriately repaired, thereby prolonging its service life for another century.

Buckingham slate roofs can endure for more than 200 years when they receive adequate maintenance and repairs. Considered the most long-lasting slate, Buckingham slate is frequently chosen for commercial structures and churches that are meant to stand the test of time for centuries. It doesn't get much better than that!

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Have a slate roof on your home and have questions about it? We have answers! Several of our slate expert foreman are instructors at the Hampton Roads Slate Roofing School.  Brian Chalsma, President of The Roofing Company, is also the former President of the National Slate Association and we are members of Slate Roofing Contractors Association.  When it comes to slate roofing, we most definitely have you covered!