If you’re a homeowner, making occasional checks of your roof is necessary for avoiding leaks and roof damage. Nevertheless, most people wait until a major issue arises to call for roof repair. Performing regular checks will help to prevent major issues down the road. It can also save you a fair amount of money by spotting and fixing a small repair rather than waiting for it to become a significant problem. There are a few things to watch out for when inspecting your roof.

The Telltale Signs

Your roof is the key to protecting you from harsh weather as well as keeping debris out of your home. However, once a small issue escalates, it can be rather expensive to repair. Daylight coming through your roof is an immediate sign of your roof needing repair. Sagging in your roof is another sign of a major issue, and is a sign of structural damage that should not be put off for inspection. The final telltale sign is water leaking from your ceiling. At this point you have no choice but to call for help. In other words, calling your repairman sooner is better than waiting for the damage to get worse later.

Common Causes Of Roof Damage

While roofs are very durable, there are common ways a roof can become damaged:

Improper Installation

Although we hate to admit it, not all roofing companies are created equal. What we mean by this is that training exists on all roofing systems in the United States, but not all service companies require their laborers to have it. The biggest cause of a roof failing to perform is improper installation. At The Roofing Company, not only do we house a roofing school that can be used to certify our own employees, but we also welcome roofers from other companies to participate. We believe in installing your roof right the first time and we stand by the quality of our work. Call us to learn more.


Another precursor for roof damage is the age of the roof. Maybe your roof is simply old, and has fallen apart over time. Susceptibility to damage increases as your roof ages.

Harsh Weather

The combination of strong winds and precipitation can easily damage your roof. If shingles come off your roof under these conditions, you are likely to experience a leak.


Trees can damage your roof in more ways than one. During storms, trees can topple over on your roof, causing an extreme amount of damage, often to the entire house. However, tree branches that hang over your roof can also cause damage from rubbing against your roof over time. Though this occurs over a more extended period of time, the resulting damage can be costly.

The Dangers Of A Damaged Roof

A roof can easily threaten someone’s life. If there is enough damage, a roof can easily fall inwards. This can lead to serious injuries or worse, death. Breathing in damaging fumes is also a possible outcome if roof leaks lead to mold and mildew growth.

When To Call A Professional

Anytime is an okay time to call a professional. If you have a small concern regarding your roof, simply calling your repairman to ask questions is also 100% okay. Don’t treat roof damage casually, because it can worsen in the blink of an eye. A simple call could save you thousands of dollars, and inform you of certain issues, so you know how to handle them.

Call Us!

To conclude, if you have an aging roof, or your roof was damaged by a recent storm, call your roof repairman immediately. Do not wait for the damage to worsen. Waiting will simply cost you more money in the long run. The roof repair experts at The Roofing Company are always happy to take your call. Get in touch for more information!