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Found out about The Roofing Company through WAVY TV 10 years ago and that's an outstanding company, and they do great work. Chuck has come out here every year since then. It's probably about 10 years and inspects the roof, and if and, he hasn't found anything wrong yet there. It's so you couldn't ask for a better company. They're outstanding, and I'd use them again there each time I need a roof.​​​​​​
Hi, my name is Diane McNamera, and Kevin just finished his third day of work at my house. Two of those days I was away from home and he came with Ty and took care of everything on my roof except some very little things that he finished up today. So I got to meet him. He is absolutely wonderful! I was very confident and very comfortable with him working at my house. He did a wonderful job doing the job and cleaning up. He was great, he's enthusiastic, and you all are so lucky to have him as an employee. If I ever need work done on my roof again, I want Kevin. So thank you again for everything.​​​​​​
Hello my name is Robert Carpenter and I wanted to speak to you today on behalf of Mr Chuck Simpson with The Roofing Company. He has taken care of my home behind us and of the home for my mother-in-law for over 14 years, with both new roofs, with our windows, and our siding. And I cannot be happier with the service that Chuck has provided to us, have taken care of us, always been honest, always been fair, and he is just absolutely the greatest contractor that we have ever had for our home. So I just wanted to share that with you, and any questions, any calls that you may have, please call Chuck Simpson, The Roofing Company.
Alright, enjoyed the work that was done by The Roofing Company. Kevin & James came here to do the work. They did a very professional job and the cleanup was great. The skylights were fine. We had a rain that afternoon late and tested them out and everything was fine. I will recommend The Roofing Company to other people when they need the work done. Okay, thank you.
Hello, this is Peter Shaw, customer here of The Roofing Company out of Hampton. Today on March 22nd, James and Kevin came and installed brand new, as you can see, brand new Velux Skylights. They did a fantastic job. It looks beautiful on our home. The natural light is awesome. I did want to give a big shout out for James and Kevin, who I highly recommend. If you do hire The Roofing Company, please try to get these guys to do the work on your roof or your skylights. And you can see a picture of me. Right there. So you know I'm a real guy. Okay. So, have a great day.
Hey Everybody! Kevin & Jay came by today. They installed my new suntunnel. The results are great in every way and I had no idea it would be so much "funnel". My kitchen is now better thanks to their professional care. I'd recommend them to anyone looking for home and roof repair. Merry Christmas to all!
Hey. The roofing company installed 4 skylights in the house from different angles of all different pitches. Within the whole day, they're in and out quick and simple. Kevin and Jay were amazing people to work with. They were super clean, super nice. I offered them food and water. They kept up the pace. They're great great people to work with, and, I'd love to have them come back again if I have more money and more room for it. 5 stars to Kevin and Jay. Thank you.
Hi. This is Tana. I just recently had the roof of my home replaced by The Roofing Company. I'm very pleased with the work. Rick and the crew did an excellent job. I would recommend it to anybody who needs their roof replaced. Alright.
The Roofing and Remodeling Company. The Roofing Company is probably the best roofer that I've seen anywhere in this area, anywhere. They come down, give you a good estimate, they do what they say, say what they're gonna do, and they follow-up. They put it in a roof. They've been perfect. I mean, this is it is the best roofing cut. They did exactly what they said they were gonna do. They followed up. You get a GAF guarantee warranty. I'm good for the next 25 years.
It's a year later to the day. Guess who's back? My friend, who I remember by name Earl, my other friend didn't show up because he's working another job because they're busy right now. He came back inspected the roof. I didn't expect this, and this is good good service, good quality, and anytime you need them, they're gonna come down. What company does that? Comes back year after year, checks on your roof, make sure that everything is good. It's like it's like your neighbor just came to talk to you. It's fantastic. These guys do what they say, say what they're gonna do, guaranteed.
And I'm not a spokesman for the company, but I'll tell you what. These guys gave me the best service that anybody could possibly give for any service out there. I mean, The Roofing Company's gotta be the best. They have heard some horror stories. My wife works for an insurance company. You get these jobs done by some fly by fly by night person who just comes around doing these odd jobs. You're in for a shock. You all of a sudden you'll see the roof buckling down the street. You go, what in the world is that? They didn't get a reputable person like the roofing company, and that's what they got. So I could testify that these guys are the best. No question about it.
We hired The Remodeling Company to create a space for our daughter who was just about to hit her teenage years. To have her friends over, have parties, spend some quality time, play games, so that the kids can have fun up there. My wife does pottery for fun and building this new bathroom, she'd like to use a little bit of her pottery in it. The idea was to take the shell tiles and incorporate them into the design of the bathroom. We would like to thank the remodeling company. They are very open to our ideas and worked very hard to put together a floor plan that would work.
Hi. This is, Earl with The Roofing & Remodeling Company, and we're talking with Mrs. Richardson. And, tell us what we did on your home. I was referred to you by my structural engineer, Ken, who recommended you all highly. You redid my roof. You've reshingled it. I am so pleased with the result and the quality of workmanship. Dealing with the employees has been the greatest pleasure, and I look forward to working with them on other projects. Perfect. Who is your project manager? Don Weimer, and Elias was head of the roofing crew. Very nice guys. Excellent. Perfect. Well, you know what? We'll be coming out to see you next year to do another Customer Appreciation Inspection to make sure your roof is holding up and, the exterior of your house is doing wonderful. So, thank you for your business, and, we look forward to seeing you next year. And thank you for a wonderful job.
This is, Mr. White. How are you doing, Mr. White? I'm good. Thank you. And so, we did some work on your house. You did. I'll just briefly describe what we did and, how you felt about us and about the work and everything. Okay. Great. I appreciate the opportunity, first of all, to provide the feedback. I've never done this before. So, I guess, as I said to you when you when you came by to do my happy check, how excited I was for the coordination of the total project. So the planning, the organizing, it was controlled. Yourself, coming in with the expertise and helping me, problem solve the actual, the leak that I had and then discovering all the extra work that needed to be done. And letting me know that. And then, you know, I didn't mention this during the paperwork, but the way you broke it down into, almost like a cafeteria plan to where I could fix this, fix this, fix this, understanding the bigger project needed to be, addressed. And then being able to give me a quote on the spot was so helpful for my planning, for my for my financial planning.

So the work that was done was 2 ridge vents or ridge yeah. 2 ridge vents and then a dormer replaced because of, the construction work that was done prior was not done correctly.

So you'd found this fact that we had, quite a few bundles actually slipping. And that work was done by Juan. I'm afraid I don't remember his last name. But Juan and a coworker came in. Again, they were responsive. They were timely. They were on schedule. They were letting me know well in advance when they were coming. They called before they came. They cleaned up afterward. As a matter fact, you would not know that they had been here, each time they came and went. The nails, that was a big problem, thing I was worried about with the kids in the neighborhood. All that was cleaned up. So it's very professional and, something that I would definitely recommend. If anyone ever asked me, about roofing work, it's real simple today to go out and find a subcontractor or sub-contractor. I would not advise so. I'd go right to the source. I'd go right to the professional group, The Roofing Company, directly. Oh, thank you very much. That's awesome.

Well, it was great to work for you multiple times. So and, everybody's coming in from school. So here we are. Well, this is Earl with The Roofing Company, signing off here. Just doing a quick happy checkout in towing. And, again, thank you very much, mister White. You're welcome. Thank you. Alright.
With The Roofing and Remodeling company. We're over here in Mr. Gruber's house. And here's Tony Gruber. Yes. Alright. So what did we do over here? Well, you guys worked on the slate roof for me. I had some leaking problems up there, and I gave you guys a call. And Earl was fantastic and he came out and took a look at the problem, gave me a fantastic estimate and, he his work crew came out and did a fantastic job and it stood the test of time because we had a fantastic storm event that, rained a lot of water and there were no leaks. So everything was great. Thanks a lot guys. Oh, thank you for your business. And I guess what? No leaks is a good thing. That's what we do. We follow manufacturer's specs. Things don't leak. So, alright. Thank you very much. Thanks, Tony. Thanks a lot. Alright. Recommend you guys. Perfect. Thank you very much. Okay.