If you’re a longtime resident of Virginia, you know we are exposed to severe weather conditions regularly. Heavy rains and strong winds that accompany thunderstorms threaten our homes. Damaging weather systems like hurricanes and hailstorms can also be a big problem.

Homeowners can have a lot to deal with after every storm, as these weather systems can do significant damage to a roof. Even if a storm doesn’t come with much rain or hail, the wind alone can cause enough damage to warrant repair or replacement. It’s also important to know that some storms can result in hidden damage. That’s why it’s important to get your roof inspected by a professional roofing contractor after a storm. If the pros deem it necessary, get the roof repaired right away to avoid any problems (and bigger repair costs) in the future.

How Professionals Inspect Your Roof

Climbing up your roof can be unsafe, especially after a storm. Keep your feet safely on the ground by hiring a professional like The Roofing Company to inspect your roof for you. To ensure that no damage is left undetected, we will make sure that every part of your home is checked, from the exterior to the interior. Here’s what we do during an inspection:

  • We check your interior for signs of leaks and other forms of water damage. If our inspectors notice any water stains on your ceiling and walls, we’ll find the source and get the stains fixed in no time.

  • We inspect for missing or damaged shingles, check the flashing, exhaust pipes, valleys, and other parts of your roof for any signs of damage.

  • If a tree falls on your roof, your home could suffer structural damage. In cases like these, you should vacate your home until our experts can determine whether any structural damage occurred.

  • After a hailstorm, we will check the condition of the shingles. Hail damage comes in the form of dimples and may result in leaks.

If you live in Hampton Roads and need help from a professional, certified and award-winning roofing contractor, you can rely on The Roofing Company. Our doors are always open for homeowners who need quality roofing products and services. Call us now to schedule a free consultation.