What started as a grand construction idea after a fire broke out in this beautiful Victorian Home in the Hampton Historical District, turned into an elaborate and breathtaking restoration, bringing back much of it’s original structure built in 1902.

The restoration project on 4500 Victoria Blvd in Hampton was initially covered in the “Historical Reed House Restoration Applies Lightweight Slate” blog article after being featured as “Project of the Month” in the May 2017 Newmont Slate Company Newsletter. Along with the entire slate roof installation and replacing the internal gutter system, other intricate exterior details were crafted into the completion of this project.

Below is a breakdown of what the project entailed.

Slate Roof

  • The entire original slate roof installed in 1902, approximately 39,600 lbs, was carefully removed by hand.

  • After the roof was cleaned from residue and debris, a layer of GAF WeatherWatchⓇ Ice Water Shield Leak Barrier was installed to insure a weatherproof seal in leak prone areas. GAF Everguard ExtremeⓇ TPO was approved for the internal gutters and GAF Deck Armor TM for the roofing underlayment. .

  • The complete roof replacement was installed with Buckingham Slate using the Slate Shield TM lightweight slate hook system, developed by Newmont Slate Company.

Watch Bob with Newmont Slate Company demonstrate how the lightweight slate hook system is installed here.

Copper Detailing

  • All new custom made copper pipe collars.
  • Hip and ridge flashing. The ridge flashings form a cover over the roofing material. Many hip installations involve the weaving of copper flashing sheets between slate roofing shingles. The insurance company approved and exposed cleated hip and ridge detail with copper rivets and brass mandrels. Examples of hip and ridge details by the Copper Association Development Inc.

The Gutter

  • GAF Everguard ExtremeⓇ TPO, which stands for Thermoplastic Polyefin, was installed to replace the lining over approximately 300 feet of the original internal gutter system.
  • Read more about the intricate details involved in this process covered in “The Reed House Receives a Gutter Lining Facelift” blog.

Brian Chalsma takes us for a quick tour at the roofline of the newly replaced slate roof with beautiful copper valleys and pipe collars in the video below. 

Featured Staff

Estimator: Brian Chalsma
Project Manager: Kris Creech
Additional dedicated team members: Kevin Miller and Gary Norton