Roofs shelter us from the elements, and even the strongest materials can deteriorate over time if left unmaintained.

Roof damage can include cracked or broken shingles, punctures, and missing flashing. These can lead to one of the biggest roofing problems: roof leaks.

Causes of Roof Leaks
Several things can lead to leaking in your roof. Strong winds can cause your shingles and flashing to become loose. Another cause is the improper installation of vents and air-conditioning. Leaving your roof unmaintained for a long time can lead to additional repair expenses.

Signs of Roof Leaks
Leaving leaks unattended can cause your roof deck and frame to rot. Even the smallest leaks can snowball into major problems over time. You can check for the following signs of a leaky roof inside your home:

  • Water Stains: When you see stains across your ceiling or down the walls, your roof is leaking. Also check for water spots in the attic, mold and mildew growth, sagging or soft ceilings, and peeling paint. The usual suspects are punctured roofs or missing shingles.
  • Rotten Fascia and Soffit: The fascia is the board that runs behind your gutter, and the soffit is the board underneath the fascia. They rot when exposed to an excessive amount of water over time.

If you see signs of a roof leak or any other damage to your roof, you should contact a professional roofer immediately.  We at The Roofing Company will assess your roof to know whether it needs repairing or replacing.