Are you paying for roof repair mistakes?

The Roofing Company reveal

Let’s face it, not just any roofer can repair a slate roof. There are those who will attempt to and in many cases, we are called to fix a failed repair. Not only can the failed repair cause further damage, but it can also force a homeowner to pay twice for a repair that could have been successful the first go-around. It happens more often than you might imagine. In fact, much of our work involves fixing an incorrectly repaired slate roof. Learn what you should do when considering roof repairs.

The Roofing Company rescued this slate roof after a failed repair:


First, the wrong slate tile was used. It is obvious by the apparent dark colored slate shingles; they don’t belong there. Can you guess what type of slate was used for the repair? If you guessed Buckingham Slate, you are correct. Although a fantastic slate product, it is the wrong kind for this roof in Hilton Village The various shades on this roof should tell any experienced roofer that this is a Semi-Weathering Gray/Green Vermont Slate roof.

Second mistake was using a strap repair, which both looks bad and the straps are easily bent open by sliding ice and snow. The illustration is from The Slate Roof Bible (second edition) by Joseph Jenkins to show a close-up of the “Don’t do this” strap technique.


As you can see, the replacement Semi-Weathering Gray/Green Vermont Slate tile, which is the type of slate used in Hilton Village, Newport News, is a much better fit and will weather (change color) more evenly over time.

For this repair, we used a stainless steel black slate hook approved by National Slate Association and Slate Roofing Contractor Association.

Clear signs of damage/issues:

During the repair; incorrect type of slate removed

Example of inside ceiling damage

Another example of inside ceiling damage

Wood rot from previous poorly repaired area by others.

Daylight shining through a HOLE in the roof!

Ceiling exposed

Plaster coming off

If you have a slate roof that needs repairs, please contact us for an estimate. The Roofing Company has been in business for over 20 years, specializes in slate repairs and historical restorations, and is a member of the National Slate Association and Slate Roofing Contractors Association. Brian Chalsma, President of The Roofing Company, is a former President of the National Slate Association.