Why You Shouldn’t Hire the First Roofer You Find

Besides the home purchase itself, perhaps the biggest investment you will make in your home is the roof. So you want to get the most out of this major investment. When you need to be sure you’re getting better roofing by better roofers, be sure to educate yourself before committing to a home improvement project.

There are specific warning signs to look for, however those are only one area of research you should do when looking for the right contractor. Below we recommend several items to check into.

Appropriate Insurance and Licensing

The Roofing Company has adequate insurance, a current state license, factory certification, and professional management. Moreover, we have hundreds of satisfied customers!  Our team of roofing experts are some of the best in the business. They undergo continuous factory education from our many manufacturers. This ensures that each member of our team is fully versed in the products with which they work.

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Appropriate Training

The biggest cause of any roof system underperforming is repairs done by unskilled or uneducated roofing professionals. When a roof is not installed (or repaired) properly, its lifecycle is shortened. To protect your investment and feel confident about a roofer’s qualifications, we recommend using industry standards as a guide. Armed with this information, you can ask specific questions about a contractor’s abilities.

Click each product type on the following list of industry certifications to familiarize yourself with the minimum training requirement:



While certifications are extremely important, expertise is achieved through training, knowledge and years of experience. In special cases, roofing manufacturers also award commendations to roofing companies who have achieved an advanced level of roofing mastery.

The Roofing Company is proud to have received the GAF President’s Club award every year since its inception which is included in the following list of achievements:

Solid Reputation and Positive Reviews

The Roofing Company has serviced the Hampton Roads area since 1998. Since then, we’ve acquired a reputation for consistently delivering Quality Workmanship, Products, & Customer Service. We invite you to read our customer reviews and Customer Lobby.

Warranty or Workmanship Guarantee

Let’s face it, any roofing project has its challenges. Sometimes things go wrong, or you are faced with the unexpected.  We believe that how those issues are handled play a major role in project success. To ensure our client’s satisfaction, The Roofing Company provides a maintenance-free roofing service with our highly trained installers. We also make it easy to get started with our Free No Obligation Consultation and Estimate.

  • GAF Master Elite Certified Contractor (Residential)
  • GAF Master Select (Commercial)
  • FiberTite® Roofing Approved Applicator

Competitive Advantage

The Roofing Company is the BETTER choice in the Hampton Roads Area because of our reputation for almost 20 years, our achievements in the accolades from many associations, attention to detail, communication, an experienced team, commitment to reasonable prices, work-site cleanliness and flexibility.  We do our best to accommodate your schedule during your project, and we are more than happy to meet with you to answer questions and address any issues you may have.

Proven Track Record

We can’t stress enough how training is a major part of The Roofing Company culture, to include all staff beginning from our receptionist scheduling your roofing consultation to our roofing installer going over the customer satisfaction checklist with you after project completion.

Measures Customer Satisfaction with Transparency

The Customer Satisfaction Checklist is one of several checkpoints where we want to be in contact with you along the process, in case there are any questions, concerns or suggestions.  We are completely open to communicating with you. Hopefully we have painted a picture that shows you why The Roofing Company is a better choice for you and your investment.  If we haven’t been given the opportunity to provide you with an estimate yet, give us a shot.  In the meantime, we suggest you use the Contractor Hiring Checklist to compare us to the other contractors.  Yes, we recommend getting a few estimates.


Last but not least, if you want to be sure you’re getting better roofing by better roofers, feel free to reach out us. Whether you have already scheduled your roofing consultation or are still thinking about it, we would be glad to answer your questions!