The roof protects our homes from various weather conditions. It also greatly contributes to their overall curb appeal.

There are many houses in Hampton Roads with unique and stylish roofs that complement the neighborhood’s overall historic theme. Roof upgrades or renovations can give your home a distinct character and make it more appealing to the eye.

Tips for a Roof Upgrade
When doing a roofing replacement or repair, you should consider the following tips so you can enhance the curb appeal of your home:

Pick the right color
With so many colors to choose from, you want to make sure that it complements your house as a whole. For example, if your facade has multiple colors, opt for a toned-down color for your roof. Note that light tones can balance out darker tones and vice versa.

Consider your home’s age
Hampton Roads includes several neighborhoods that reflect rich history. For example, the architectural styles of Norfolk homes include Classical Revival, Colonial Revival, Victorian, European Romantic, Coastal Cottage, and Arts & Crafts. Consider your home’s age so that your new roof can match your home’s aesthetic appeal and that of the whole neighborhood as well.

Choose the right roof materials
Some roof materials are more durable than others (e.g., slate or sheet metal roofing). Choosing the right material can ensure that it will last a long time and, in turn, protect your home for longer.

Check with your community for any regulations for remodeling and repair
Since Norfolk has several historical neighborhoods, the government has provided guidelines so that houses will remain in sync with the neighborhood theme. Period houses are 19th or 20th century in style.

Choose the Right Contractor for Your Roof
Color, material, and style play huge roles in enhancing the curb appeal of your Norfolk home. It’s also important to consider your neighborhood’s theme when doing a roof repair or replacement so that you adhere to the standards set by your community.