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Team Production Takes the Lead on Training Day

Team Production Takes the Lead on Training Day

Education and training are important in any business.  At The Roofing Company, especially for the production department, it’s as much a vital part of the job as performing the work is. So, at each Training Day, our Production team takes the lead to share their wealth of knowledge and expertise with other staff, vendors, and suppliers attending the event. 

This is a continuation from “Drops of Sunshine at our 7th Annual Training Day.”  

What once was a massive open space, is now our warehouse compartmentalized by several training mock-ups, a two-story storage unit, organized shelving and all the tools our production team needs to make every project and training session a success.

Training Day is the perfect opportunity to allow them to shine, show off their experience, and teach us what they know.  Preferred vendors shared specific product features that have made their systems first-rate in their markets.

  • Nordic Steel Gutters
    Jan Tomberg, accompanied by his lovely wife Annika, demonstrated the unbelievable strength of the Nordic Steel Gutter System.  Do believe, because you can see it for your very own eyes as he stands on it to prove his point.  It’s also stylish, aesthetically appealing, low maintenance, damage resistant, available in a variety of colors, includes an amazing warranty, and much more!  Nordic Steel Gutters offers you the very best in roof-drainage systems.
  • Velux Skylights and Sun Tunnels
    Velux is unbeatable in roof windows and skylights and they offer a wide range of products to choose from. Kevin and James concentrated on skylight and sun tunnel options, popular selections among homeowners in the Hampton Roads area.  Skylights can be installed with a solar or electric option.  These skylights will automatically close with the first indication of moisture in the air.  Nice!  A new feature for the sun tunnel is that it too has a solar switch option, which brings light even when it’s dark outside.  Now that is cool!  Keep in mind, any Velux product comes with the No Leak Promise.

  • Valley and Hips Slate Install
    Adrian and Josh showed their exceptional skills with the delicate yet strong and durable roofing slate.  Josh presented how to hammer a hole into the shingle for the nail to go through.  What’s so special about that?  How about not to break the shingle!  Adrian provided instruction on the genius development of the slate hook system that now allows for faster installation and repair, saving homeowners an extensive amount on slate roofing labor costs.

  • Door Installation
    Art and Jay, our in-house remodeling production team, explained the detailed process of installing a door from start to finish once the project has been assigned to them.  By that time the type of door, color, and other details have been completed.  Art makes contact with the customer, covers the specific details again and communicates continuously as the project progresses. Whether just a door or an entire remodeling overhaul, this process is always in place

  • Slator-USA: Fall Restraint
    Safety. Safety. Safety.  That aspect across the board is of utmost importance and simply can’t be stressed enough.  Ronny with Slator-USA was phenomenal demonstrating some of their best safety harnesses. The enthusiasm inside the warehouse from that station was ongoing the entire morning!  He had staff pumped and eager to test the harnesses and various rope grabs down the steep ramp.  Way to go Ronny! 

  • Warehouse processes
    Mel pointing at the storyboard, shared the impressive story of what was once a rather empty warehouse, now not only is it full but fully organized and functional.  Several brilliant minds came together with an elaborate plan to really make this warehouse something amazing and so they have!

  • TPO
    CJ was prepared for each new group with a gun in hand!   What was that?  Well, in order to lay that Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO), you need a heat gun, also known as a hot air weld. The heat binds the adhesive to the decking to create a watertight seal.  We learned about individual types of TPO used for various situations, which he skillfully welded to visibly display the differences in how they adhere.  Whichever product is used, there is always the same end goal in mind; no leaks! 

A sincere appreciation and applause for our exceptional production trainers at Training Day!  There was an abundance of learning going on.  Fantastic!! 

Don’t miss next week's’ Training Day wrap up with our Office stations! 

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The Roofing Company 7-Point Satisfaction Guarantee

Learn what your Neighborhood Roofing Professional promises you...


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Frequently Asked Questions About TPO Roofing

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