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An article by Toni Guagenti for the Virginian-Pilot explains the difference between home appraisers and home inspectors by detailing what each one does and watches out for. Guagenti says appraisers generally do the job for lenders, while inspectors perform theirs for homebuyers. 

The article further says that inspectors often spend two to three hours more on their jobs than appraisers, because they go through a home from top to bottom, that is, from roof to basement. As Guagenti writes, the results of a home inspection can make or break a sale:

For Coldwell Banker associate broker Neff, the home inspection is definitely a bargaining chip in the process. For example, he recently had a buyer say he wasn’t going to buy a house unless the roof was replaced, issues of which came up during the home inspection.

As for Byrd, he said he doesn’t “mind being a deal killer,” but, ultimately it’s the house that kills the deal; he’s just the messenger. Buyers should want to purchase a house that’s safe and in good working order, Byrd said. If it’s not, the issues should be taken care of, he said.

Virginia Beach residents who have put their homes up for sale, or are thinking of doing so, should therefore ensure that their homes are in top condition before an inspection, or an appraisal, is scheduled. If parts of the home are showing signs of deterioration or negligence, the home’s value can be negatively affected, and buyers can get turned off completely.

Both appraisers and inspectors will look at the home improvements you have made, such as new countertops or a new patio, and will check to see if all the parts are functioning as well as they should. You can expect the roofing to be put under close scrutiny, particularly by inspectors, as most homebuyers would not want to move into a home knowing they will need to replace the roof soon. Sellers can call on reliable Virginia Beach roofers 

to do an inspection on their roofing and perform all the necessary repairs and maintenance work that the roofs may need.

professionals, like those in The Roofing & Remodeling Company, can also assess if a roof needs replacement, based on its age and present condition. Homeowners can greatly benefit from these pros’ guidance in choosing the roofing material and the replacement method that can help enhance the value of their homes.

(Article information and image from Appraisal and inspection explained, The Virginian-Pilot, December 9, 2013)

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The Roofing Company 7-Point Satisfaction Guarantee

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