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Prepare Your Chesapeake Roofing Systems for the Winter Season in VA

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Aubrey Urbanowicz, meteorologist for WHSV, reports how winter will be like this year for Virginia.

We’re expecting snowfall slightly above average. For the Valley, that would be more than about 25” of snow.

We do feel that temperatures are going to be near average, but there is a strong possibility that at the beginning of 2014 we could see temperatures dipping a little below average… Keep in mind that’s also when we tend to see the majority of our snowfall. January and February are typically the “snowiest” months of the winter.

Now this doesn’t specify when we will see snow. So we could see many small to moderate snow storms, or just a couple of big storms. If you’re a snow lover, this upcoming winter may be one you’ll enjoy.

With the winter conditions in the state, some locals, especially those in the Chesapeake area, have become experts in winter preparedness, stocking up on the appropriate winter clothing and having their heating systems repaired to keep themselves warm at home. However, if they really want a trouble-free winter season, they should also pay attention to their Chesapeake roofing systems as these can be especially vulnerable to harsh winter conditions. Roofs come in different types though, and they are not equal when it comes to winter performance.

Wood roofs, for one, are prone to rotting due to prolonged exposure to moisture, and asphalt shingle roofs have a tendency to crack or become brittle when forced to endure freezing temperatures. Hiring qualified roofers in Chesapeake can help reinforce these types of roofs so they can perform better at wintertime. However, if there is excessive damage, a better option to consider is have a slate roof installed instead. Slate roofs have superior durability and strength even under the most inclement weather conditions, and as long as they are installed according to manufacturer’s standards and properly maintained, they can last up to 100 years.

Winter preparedness in Virginia is not merely about having layers and layers of clothing ready or having heating systems repaired as necessary. It is also about having a roof that’s strong and durable enough to withstand the winter elements. Locals should hire experienced roofers like The Roofing and Remodeling Company to get their roofs ready for the winter season.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Winter Forecast for 2013-2014, WHSV TV3, Published November 11, 2013)

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