Disaster Family Emergency Planning: Recovering After the Storm

When the storm has passed and no longer poses a threat, it's a good idea to check immediately for any roofing damages and sources of any leaks.


  • Water staining (around light fixtures, corners, and around chimneys)
  • Wet insulation or water seepage in the attic
  • Cracked or broken skylights


  • Torn, curled, or missing shingles (shingles might have landed around the property)
  • Dented vents
  • Dented gutters and downspouts

If you think you have damage from the storm, consider having a professional roofing company examine your roof. They are trained to identify other damages you may have missed. What could start as a few missing shingles can morph into a serious moisture issue in the roofing substrate materials and the attic underneath.

Especially during high-profile storms, be wary of "Storm Chasers," out-of-town roofers who move into an area and set up following a storm. Many have been well-known to leave town after collecting money from homeowners and move on to the next storm without paying for suppliers or leaving work unfinished.

The Roofing Company is a local, established, certified, insured, and highly reputable roofing company in the Hampton Roads area since 1998. Contact them at 757-867-6600. They are here to help you recover from the storm.

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