Roofing slates are rated through the American Standards of Testing and Materials and given a slate classification from S-1 to S-3. A S-1 slate roof, which has a minimum lifespan of more than 75 years and up to 200 years, is not only highly respected for its “once-in-a-lifetime” investment; its aesthetic appeal can also be an important factor in building valuation. Lower grade slates don’t last as long and fortunately, almost all slate installed on new roofs in North America is rated S1. That’s good grades for the U.S. of A!

Below derived from Joe JenkinsSlate Roof Bible 3rd Ed p. 21, ASTM rating of roofing slate:

Many homes with Buckingham Slate roofs have been in families for several generations and can be saved for generations to come.  If you’ve had the pleasure of driving through the historical areas of Hampton Roads, some of the loveliest homes you will see have the “original green roof” – slate. Some of the most exquisite homes in Larchmont and Ghent neighborhoods in Norfolk, as well as other locations in the Virginia Beach, Portsmouth, Newport News, and Williamsburg areas have been fortunate enough to be originally constructed with Buckingham Slate from the Buckingham Slate Company in Buckingham County, Virginia.

It is possible for a Buckingham slate roof to last over 200 years but it is very important to have a trained slate professional inspect your roof at least once a year. Brian Chalsma, President of The Roofing Company, is a recognized historical renovation expert and the President of the National Slate Association.   

Our team is professionally trained at the Hampton Roads Roofing and Slate Roof Training Center, which we manage. These professionals appreciate the art and passion for maintaining the historical value of your slate roof. They know how to repair your flashing, check for broken slate pieces and custom cut new ones to fit while correcting any other maintenance issues you may have. The durability and beauty of slate will actually outlive the building and will be able to be recycled.

We are here to help maintain your slate roof and keep those grades in A+ condition!