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Drops of Sunshine at our 7th Annual Training Day

Drops of Sunshine at our 7th Annual Training Day

New Years Eve 2018 created a lot of hustle and bustle at The Roofing Company office and warehouse gearing up for the 7th Annual Training Day.  While many of you were still sound asleep, the crew here were gathing between 6-6:45 am for Training Day to promptly begin at 7:00 am sharp. Take a look inside for a run down of the Roofco training day round up.

Each year, The Roofing Company Training Day marks another noteworthy day on the calendar. It’s significance is centered around our staff, vendors and customers. Read our “What's in a Roofing Training Day” blog to find out why it’s so special.  

Back at the event, with everyone seated inside enjoying a Chic-Fil-A breakfast sponsored by Danny Miller of Primerica Financial Services, the early morning started out with prayer by President Brian Chalsma. Prayers were accompanied with many praises!  WOO HOO!! General Manager, Greg Davis, followed to talk about our Training Day Theme; “Every Drop of Sunshine”.

Attention was then transitioned to the warehouse, where production training stations were set up.  Groups were informed to rotate to the next station when Ralph Martin called “TIME!”  Spot Ralph in the pictures below with his phone in hand, making sure no group was a minute late to start at their next assigned location. 

Production Training Stations:

  • Nordic Gutters
  • Velux Skylights and Sun Tunnels
  • Valley and Hips Slate install
  • Door Installation
  • Slator-USA: Fall Restraint
  • Warehouse processes
  • TPO

A 15 minute break brought us inside, out of the cold warehouse air, to refresh and form new groups to rotate through the office training stations.  Ralph again our Master of “TIME!”

Office Training Stations:

  • Knocking on that Door
  • Slator-USA: Roofing Safety Training
  • Time Keeping
  • Setting the Correct Expectations

Another 15 minute break-session and we were back where we started, gathered together, however this time it was to give recognition for outstanding accomplishments and raffle prizes provided by Larry Brush with ABC Supply in Newport News.  See below pictures of our Sales Department beaming from ear to ear as they reflect on 2018 achievements.

After all that training, rotating and announcing accolades, everyone had worked up an appetite for lunch, provided by Kyle & Lindsay from IntelliDeck Luxury Outdoor Vinyl Flooring.  A special thank you to our generous sponsors for their participation and generousity during the event!

2017 Training Day is outlined in our blog, The Roofing Company 6th Annual Training Day

STAY TUNED!  We’ll be following up in the next two weeks' blogs with more pictures and details about the warehouse and office training stations.  Hope you’ll come back and visit the articles.

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The Roofing Company 7-Point Satisfaction Guarantee

Learn what your Neighborhood Roofing Professional promises you...


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