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Norfolk, VA
Project Year: 2023

Project Description

Since 2015, our team has been diligently maintaining and repairing various slate areas on this charming home using recycled Buckingham blue/black slate. The project highlights specific areas that have been addressed to ensure the integrity and longevity of the home.

Flat Roof: The flat roof on the back of the home received special attention with the installation of a copper pan in the window sill and new copper cleated perimeter edge flashing at the eave. These additions enhance the water resistance and durability of the roof.

Trim Repair: The right side of the home underwent trim repair, with up to 24 feet of trim board being replaced with new rot-resistant composite trim. Additionally, new copper step flashing was installed for added protection.

Sun Porch: On the first story of the right side, a layer of commercial-grade SA base SBS modified bitumen roofing was installed to ensure a robust and reliable roofing solution.

Chimney Enhancements: The chimney received a comprehensive upgrade, including newly installed copper step flashing, an exposed copper cricket, and copper cut-in counter flashing. These additions enhance the chimney's resistance to water infiltration and improve its overall durability.

Metal Valley Installation: A new metal valley was installed to provide effective drainage and prevent water accumulation in vulnerable areas.

Door Leak Solution: A leak above the door next to the driveway was addressed by custom-making new aluminum flashing at the gutter to wall transition. This solution ensures proper water diversion and prevents further damage.

Slate Roof Chimney Reflashing: The existing chimney flashing was replaced, and a cricket was built behind the chimney for improved water runoff. New copper step flashing at the base of the chimney and copper counter flashing to the masonry reglet were also installed for enhanced protection.

These various repairs and enhancements demonstrate our commitment to maintaining and preserving the beauty and functionality of this home's slate roofing system.

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