Slate roofs continue to protect our homes from all kinds of weather conditions, and it’s important that they stand the test of time. A roof’s life span depends on the material it’s made from. One of the longest-lasting roof materials is slate.

When considering roofing materials, you may immediately think of asphalt shingles, followed closely by tile or metal. After all, those are the materials we use most often. But slate is an attractive, environmentally friendly alternative that deserves consideration and attention. – Trent Cotney, Understanding the Benefits of Slate

What Is Slate?

Slate is a type of metamorphic rock used in roof tiles or shingles for stronger Norfolk roofing. It can come in different colors, depending on where the home is located. For example, Buckingham slate is available in blue/black.

For years, slate has been a popular material because it is highly durable and resistant to both water and fire. Those properties alone explain its high demand. – Trent Cotney, Understanding the Benefits of Slate

Slate roofs are popular for the following reasons:

  • Longevity – Slate roofs can last over 100 years. Their appearance will remain the same even as your home ages.
  • Durability – Because it is a natural stone, slate is highly resistant to different temperatures and harsh weather conditions. It is also water-resistant and energy-efficient.
  • Visually appealing – Because of its simple design, slate can complement any architecture style. Aside from having different colors, it can also be customized or hand-cut to a specific thickness and size.
  • Environment-friendly – By using slate roofs, you avoid adding to construction waste because you don’t have to replace your roof.
  • Cost-effective – Although installing a slate roof is expensive, you can save on maintenance costs in the long run because of the material’s superior durability.

Other Factors to Consider

Slate roofing in Norfolk VA should include the slate stone itself, wooden boards, and metal fasteners (nails). With proper installation, your slate roof can protect your property for multiple generations.

Slate roofs generally outlasts other roofing systems and have a storied history of long-lasting results. – Trent Cotney, Understanding the Benefits of Slate

Like other roof types, make sure that you schedule regular maintenance with professional contractors.

Get Quality Slate Roofing from the Right Guys

A slate roof will go the extra mile to provide protection for you and your home. Not only will it add to your home’s curb appeal—it will also save you on maintenance and repair expenses down the road because of its low-maintenance qualities.