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The Roofing Company’s 6th Annual Training Day

The Roofing Company’s 6th Annual Training Day

Tuesday, January 2, 2018 marked The Roofing Company’s 6th Annual Training Day where employees, and guest suppliers, taught and learned from each other.  While some things stayed the same as previous years, see last year’s Blog “What’s in a Training Day”, each year adds something new to mix of this invigorating educational event.  2017 earns major accolades for a complete warehouse overhaul and an implemented materials management process.  Way to go team!!

After the initial gathering and housekeeping announcements in the early morning, trainers were excused to take position at their stations in the warehouse.  Everyone else split into their assigned groups and headed to their first designated station to learn from the trainers and get a bit of hands-on application.  When the cowbell rattled (yes, a cowbell!), that was the que to rotate to the next station.

Below are the topics that were covered in the warehouse, using custom mock-ups constructed by our own talented production staff:

  • Warehouse evolution. Mel and Gary E. used a poster board prop with pictures displayed on it to show the dramatic warehouse transformation from 2005, when we first moved into the building, to the present day with our most recent major overall in 2017.   
  • 10 most common mistakes installing GAF shingles and drip edge. Nito and Travis used a roof mockup showing the most common mistakes other contractors make by not following GAF installation guidelines.  They continued to explain the proper installation process and importance of using the recommended GAF products to fulfill specific product warranties and pass final inspection by a GAF Inspector.  In addition, they covered the advantages of installing drip edge, especially since The Roofing Company can customize (bend) it to be the perfect fit for any home.  The end result should always be to protect and keep the roof dry.
  • Slate roofing history, styles and layouts. Adrian and Mike took us as far back to how and when slate was discovered to the versatile ways it can be installed on a roof.  Aaron & Moe demonstrated how to cut slate and assisted those who wanted to try their hand at it. There were several takers!  
  • Installing Drywall. Art and Jay started their presentation pointing out two sections of their drywall display; the right way and the wrong way.  They covered the differences of how to install the drywall and tips about filling in the seams, drying time and working with cutouts.  A dish with compound and a spatula was then handed to each individual in the group for hands-on seam filling.
  • Chimney Chase Covers. James and Theo showed pictures of different kinds of chimneys, leading into a beginning to end demonstration of how a chimney chase cover is constructed, installed, and explained details of its benefits.
  • IntelliDeck. Gary N. and Zach were prepped with hot air welding guns in hand, showing the careful and delicate process to waterproof a deck with a vinyl membrane system called IntelliDeck.  After a few helpful hints how to heat weld the material, each member in the group had their own prop to practice on using the heat gun.  

Once back into the warmth of the office building conference room, Staci and Debbie took front and center to share some very exciting administrative updates going into 2018.  Then new trainers took their stations scattered about in the office and the rest of the crowd was off to find their first station in the rotation.

The office stations covered these topics:

  • Bust-A-Bug. Jason with Bust-A-Bug gave an interesting presentation about the hazards of termites living and surviving in a roof structure.  Definitely not a good combination.
  • Customer Care. Chuck and Kris went into depth about the importance and success of our internal customer care process between departments.
  • Velux Skylights. Matt demonstrated two types of Velux skylight options, explaining the differences in installation, benefits, and function.
  • Production Checklists. Kevin highlighted checklists used in the production process before and after each project to ensure consistency, accuracy and customer satisfaction.
  • Nordic Steel Gutters. Back in the warehouse, Jan with Nordic Steel Gutters and CJ, used the roof mock up to demonstrate how this amazing half round gutter system works.  It incorporates clamps, never clogs, and is strong enough to walk on!
  • The Remodeling Company Process. Greg covered the 5 step process for a perfect remodeling project; Discuss It, Design It, Choose It, Built It, and Live It!  A simple yet detailed process to create most positive experience for the customer to remember.

As the last cowbell rattled, all bodies gathered again in the conference room to hand out awards acknowledging employees for their exceptional achievements in 2017.  

Building Excellence is our mission in everything we do.  It literally is our mission statement.  Our annual training day is just one of the ways we incorporate this into our company culture.  We take it seriously and take great pride in it because it offers that much more of a well rounded and skilled team for our amazing customers.

Thank you Marketplace Chaplains, Matt and Katie, for leading and ending our day in prayer, Larry and Louie with ABC Supply,  Danny with Primerical Financial Services and Alex with ProVia for being a part of our training day experience. 

If you ever want to stop in and see the training center, we welcome you to call us at 867-6600 to set up a personal tour just for you!  

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The Roofing Company 7-Point Satisfaction Guarantee

Learn what your Neighborhood Roofing Professional promises you...


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