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Roof Ventilation: What’s involved in an Attic Inspection?

Roof Ventilation: What’s involved in an Attic Inspection?

The Roofing Company holds a reputation in the Hampton Roads area for strictly following manufacturer’s guidelines. Inspecting an attic for proper ventilation is followed just a seriously as any physical work performed.  Therefore, the best options recommended to a homeowner are based on standards set by two manufacturers they support; Air Vent & GAF.

In an article written by Paul Scelsi for, “Standing Out in a Crowded Market”, Sam Roasario of Liberty Construction Inc. in Worcester, Mass., is quoted and emphasizes the value in conducting an attic inspection by asking Homeowners, “Would you trust a doctor who doesn’t examine a patient yet recommends surgery?”  That sure puts things in perspective, doesn’t it?

Most homeowners might think that as long as the roof is in one piece and there is nothing to indicate obvious issues, everything is fine.  The only way to know for sure that attic has the best working roof ventilation system, is to do a thorough inspection before recommending other services, i.e. roof replacement or repairs.  Afterall, just like each patient has different needs, so does the home.

So what are some of things contractors are looking for when doing an attic inspection?  Obviously, the most important consideration being air flow.

  • The roof design should match the best attic-ventilation system.  There are several different roof designs, i.e, gable, hip, mansard, shed, etc.  Each design varies in the way the air flows within it.
  • How many attics are there?  Some homes might have multiple attics, which can be shared or separated.  
  • Are there any physical obstructions?
  • Amount of intake and exhaust ventilation.  This is based on the attic square footage.
  • Attic and outdoor temperatures.
  • Exhaust vent should be working properly.
  • Is there a short-circuit?
  • Is the attic insulated and if so, is it properly insulated?
  • Are other parts of the home properly vented?
  • Is there rust, mold or mildew forming?
  • Each season itself brings more specific things to clue into.

The experts, Air Vent and GAF, have done extensive research into roof ventilation and that is why The Roofing Company vigorously follows the standards set by them, through staff training and maintaining manufacturer certifications.  

But don’t just take it from us. One of our customers expressed how important the attic inspection was to him and that being the underlying reason he chose The Roofing Company:

“My wife and I have spent last week interviewing six roofing companies for a bid to provide a new roof for our Virginia Beach home. The only thing I know about roofing is what I have read on the internet. Last week was an educational experience to say the least. Chuck Simpson was the last to be interviewed Saturday afternoon. He pretty much said what everyone else said and his price quote fell in line with most of the others. However, he did something during the interview that none of the others did or even mentioned. He went up into our attic to make sure there was nothing hiding under the shingles on the roof. Three of the six companies did not even bother to go up onto the roof to see what condition the roof was in and the other two just took measurements and said nothing about any possible concerns.” Larry S., Virginia Beach


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Learn what your Neighborhood Roofing Professional promises you...

The Roofing Company 7-Point Satisfaction Guarantee

Learn what your Neighborhood Roofing Professional promises you...


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Frequently Asked Questions About TPO Roofing

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