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How a Virginia Beach Roofing Company Can Help Homes Stand Up to Winter

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Winter has come down in full force in Virginia, and the effects of what was forecasted as a colder-than-average winter were felt as early as the first weeks of December.

A winter storm bearing down on Virginia had the potential to bring down trees and power lines from the weight of ice and interrupt travel plans for residents hoping to get holiday preparations done, authorities said.

[Winter Storm]
The National Weather Service issued a storm warning for at least 28 counties in southwestern, central and Southside Virginia from early Sunday through Monday morning.

When weather conditions turn this extreme, residents can only hope that the preparations they made on their homes for the winter were sufficient to last throughout the season. Roofing, in particular, can be severely affected by harsh winter conditions, as snow and rain continuously pound on them. Roofs that have not seen proper maintenance before the onset of the season may now be more susceptible to typical winter roofing problems such as ice dams and overloading.

Ice dams can be very damaging as they can trap melting snow and rainwater on roofs, which can then cause an overload and result in a roof collapse. Trapped excess water can also lead to leaks, as well as the formation of harmful organisms like mold and mildew.

The dangers that roofing are exposed to in winter highlights the need for year-round good maintenance practices, which include at least twice-a-year inspections by a trusted Virginia Beach roofing company like The Roofing & Remodeling Company. These inspections can reveal small problems which may then be fixed before they escalate into bigger ones. Likewise, any weaknesses on roofing can be identified and corrected at the earliest possible time, giving the roof a better chance of standing up to extreme weather elements and their effects.

Winter is not a good time to conduct roofing or any home exterior repairs and replacements; however, one cannot put off fixing a leaking roof especially during winter. Those who may be experiencing roofing problems should immediately call on reliable roofing companies in Hampton Roads, or other parts of Virginia Beach, for repairs. These professional roofers can be relied on to perform the necessary work even in the midst of winter; and while they may wait for safer conditions before going up a roof, they can certainly help come up with quick fixes to protect the roof from further damage, and in the process, protect residents from the harsh winter as well.

(Article information and image from Winter storm bears down on Virginia, The Virginian-Pilot, December 7, 2013)

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